About Me

I’m a Realistic Idealist.

I have high standards.

I have high expectations. Of myself and of others.

I care about responsibility. Integrity and loyalty are important values for me.

I connect my research and my coaching expertise to create a wonderful synthesis that can help others gain clarity in their lives.

Ever since I left high school in 2000, I have been going through different stages of professional development. At each single one of those I thought I knew what my future life and career would look like. Towards graduation I thought I’d become a vet, after that a journalist, and after that I didn’t know anything. I chose my minors – American Studies and Russian Studies – and my major – Sociology – out of sheer interest and talent for languages. These fields of study were not predestined for a straight entry into the labor market. Especially sociology graduates often ask themselves what exactly they can do with their degree.

After I obtained my Master’s I went ahead and started my dissertation. I was embedded as a research assistant in an international research project. This was a very interesting experience because I got to see how research is conducted first hand. I loved and love Sociology because it helps me to better understand the world and the people in it. I would always study Sociology again. But what do you do as a sociologist?

Do you ask yourself that same type of question sometimes? Do you have the answers to it?

After obtaining my Ph.D. I transplanted to the States. Here, I chose to be trained as a certified professional coach, an opportunity I had been looking into for a while. I also started writing a scholarly book and I am working on a number of articles. I accepted lecturer positions to UC San Diego and DeVry University, and I started coaching academic personnel. I am also developing a qualitative study with a local non-profit organization. Was I thinking five years ago that I would be doing all this? The answer is most definitely „no“.

Maybe you have been experiencing similar transitions. Maybe you have been going through some changes in your career and you don’t know exactly which way to turn. My former boss once said “After 7 years you should seek another job”.  Easier said than done?

You are welcome to browse through my page. Maybe you find something that speaks to you. Are you interested in being coached? Just contact me and I will answer your inquiry right away. I am looking forward to speaking with you!


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