Academia is a very exciting and thrilling occupational field which leaves a lot of room for personal and professional development. However, academic careers also host many challenges which cannot be mastered by everybody. And not every academic who wishes to build an academic career succeeds. There are many distractions and obstacles on the way up.

This is why I founded ADGCareerCoaching. My drive is to help other people realize their dreams and goals. There is nothing more pitiful than wasted potential.

After obtaining my PhD I wanted to write a manual for PhD candidates. I was not enchanted about the many wrong choices one can make, the fact that some ways to obtain the PhD are more rewarding in the long run than others, and much more. Nobody tells you these kind of things when you start your dissertation. However, I found that I can have a greater positive impact on the career development of others if I work with them directly. Consequently, I put the PhD manual aside for the moment…..

You are probably even less clear about how to create the necessary time slots in order to stay on top of your game. Supervisors have demands towards you when you work closely with them; your circle of friends wants to see you at least once in a while; your family might get mad after you miss two family birthdays in a row, not to mention your partner who all of a sudden goes through the ups and down with you and your research.

This list goes on and on. Every researcher or academic experiences their own issues and problems during and after the doctoral phase. Unfortunately, there is no standard procedure on how to address the fulminating or recurrent issues.

As a certified professional coach, certified career coach, and researcher it is my mission to coach every client individually. This means that I do not apply standardized procedures but follow a concept which allows me to consider

– the psyche
– the condition
– the possibilities
– potentials and
– visions

of a coachee in order to make them successful.

I consider academic career coaching my niche, my area of expertise. However, sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and to consider whether staying in the academia is really the right choice. The transition from an academic career  to the economy can be tiresome, and it often is. Therefore, I also help clients develop visions about how they can transform their human capital and potential in order to successfully build alternative career paths.

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