What is coaching?

COACHING is a very eye-opening experience. I was coached myself multiple times and I can absolutely testify to the great effect and momentum of coaching. The coach concentrates their whole attention on the client and hence enables the client to gain insight into new ideas, thoughts, solutions, approaches and much more. Thought restrictions and obstacles can be recognized and also removed. Coaching offers endless opportunities. The client learns new things about himself/herself and about the people in his or her life. He/She gains a new understanding of motivations, desires, ideas, ideals, etc. Generally, it can be distinguished between „surface level coaching“ and „deep level coaching“. Which type of coaching is more appropriate depends on the client and his/her topic.

What is the difference to therapy or mentoring?

COACHING focuses on the present and/or the future. Coaching is not about analyzing the past, as it often happens with consulting or therapy. Mentoring is about passing on a certain type of knowledge, mostly from the mentor to the mentee. A mentor can also function as a door opener for his or her mentee, introduce the mentee to certain circles or help him or her look for a job. There are many more examples for how mentoring can be helpful. It is safe to say that the coach is the coachee’s „attorney“ so to speak, that means fully with the coachee’s cause, focused on the coachee’s success and dedicated to the coachee’s future.

How much does coaching cost?

THE initial consultation is free of charge. Following this first session an individual fee will be contracted with each client. My clients make the price themselves, and it works surprisingly well. I believe that coaching should be available to everybody.  In the US the costs vary generally between about $80- $250 for a 45 minute session. In Germany the prices are alike. When you choose a coach, you should therefore always consider that person’s qualification and make sure the coach is certified.

How can coaching help me?

COACHING can help you if there is something in your life or your career that you would like to change, no matter what it is. The striking thing about coaching is that it focuses on the present and/or the future. You don’t end up rummaging in the past even though the past is, of course, an important part of everybody and can therefore be helpful sometimes. At any rate, the intention of coaching is to help you make changes about the present or the near future. If this is your wish, if you want to change the ways you’ve been dealing with things or the way you’ve been thinking about something or maybe even yourself, then coaching is the right method for you. Furthermore, the coach can inspire you with new ways of thinking, new approaches, point out difficulties, and enable you to take the next steps.

Where does coaching take place?

There are different ways to conduct coaching. One way is the personal face-to-face coaching. Another, more common way is telephone coaching. Newer communication technologies such as Skype make it possible to talk and view each other at the same time. Email-Coaching is increasingly used as well. Which type of coaching is chosen is at the client’s discretion.

If I don’t like the coaching, can I discontinue?

OF course. If you feel that coaching is not helping you, then you are not bound to accepting more coaching hours. Receiving your 30 minutes free consultation should help you evaluate whether coaching could be the right way for you.

What’s the refund policy?

A conducted session cannot be refunded. However, if you find that you do not wish to continue coaching and you payed sessions in advance (which is a common procedure in the course of package booking), then you will receive your money back for the sessions that have not been held yet.

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