Special Offer: Presentation Training – Bringing Your Research to the World

Presentation Training in English for Social Scientists

You would like to present your research at international conferences, conventions, or symposia but you feel insecure when it comes to presenting in English?

Pursuing a career in science, it is always advantageous to present your research not only to your own scientific community at home but also to the many fellow researchers abroad. The global language in science is English. Luckily, one should say! Just imagine having to present in French, Italian or Russian.

English is taught in all schools in Germany, which presents itself as an advantage to you in the first place since you have already collected knowledge of English. No matter at which proficiency level you are – now is the time to improve and perfect your English skills. After all, your presentation in front of an international audience shall be just as perfect as your presentation in front of your community at home.

The need for English language training is immense. In general, you as a researcher are expected to master the English language, perfectly if possible. However, being what we are, namely researchers, we hardly have time for a normal life in the first place, much less extra language tuition on the weekends or at nights.

Due to this reason I offer personalized English language training to take place at your institution or university.

As a client, you can choose between two packages!

The first package contains a standardized training session in which a specific presentation is analyzed linguistically, optimized, and trained.

The second package contains a more intense language and presentation training which extends over several weeks. This training enables you to not only improve your general English language skills, but to also raise your language proficiency to a level appropriate for all following presentations in English that shall be managed without professional help.

Are you interested in a training session? I would be pleased to offer you free 30 minutes of consultation so you can decide if this type of training is right for you.

You are invited to call me or write an email. I am looking forward to getting to know you!


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