PhD Coaching

A dissertation is an extremely consuming, sometimes it seems insurmountable self-imposed task on the academic career track. I know this from my own experience.

There are phases in which one would rather give it all up because one feels as if nothing ever moves or because it feels like there is no progress. In essence, one gets stuck. This might lead to a writer’s block, a very frustrating and aggravating experience that every writer fears. One might also feel as if the dissertation is not good enough or does not fulfill the high standards of academic writing.

EVERY PhD candidate makes this experience in the course of this qualification.

If you are not well-organized, cannot motivate yourself or find ways and strategies to effectively use the often restricted time, your dissertation proposal might turn into an endless ordeal……year after year passes, your advisor urges, time is short. The pressure is sometimes difficult to handle and the quality of your dissertation might suffer under all these circumstances.

As a certified and according to the high standards and requirements of the International Coach Federation (ICF) trained coach I can help and support you in effectively and purposefully finishing up your dissertation. Especially because I went through this phase myself we can work together to make sure that you will be enabled to finish your dissertation with more satisfaction, better results and within a reasonable time frame.

Would you like to find out what you could do today to escape the „dissertation trap“?

I offer you a 30 minutes free consultation call! Simply contact me via the contact form or give me a call. I will respond to your inquiry right away.

I am looking forward to speaking to you!

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