Jun 07

Professional Writer

As a professional writer, I publish articles about career-related issues, often from a gender perspective, on various websites, including chron.com or globalpost.com. Check out the first article about gender and workplace communication published here.

Here is a list of all articles I’ve published so far:

How Cultural Diversity Affects Women in the Workplace, chron.com (Houston Chronicle)

Challenging a Job Loss, woman.thenest.com, careers

How to Respond to a Boss Who is Intimidated by Me, chron.com

Assessing Employee Diversity, chron.com

Hawthorne’s Effect on the Workplace, woman.thenest.com, careers

How Will the Issue of Cultural Diversity Increase in Importance and Affect the Workplace? chron.com

What are the Dangers of Avoiding Differences in the Workplace, woman.thenest.com

How Do Values Affect the Cohesiveness of the Workplace? woman.thenest.com

Examples of Norms in the Workplace, woman.thenest,com

Diversity Group Activities for Employers, GlobalPost.com

Power Relationships Between Men & Women in the Workplace, woman.thenest.com

Career Pathing and Skills inventory, woman.thenest.com

How to Use Diversity in Intercultural Communication, GlobalPost.com

Examples of Workforce Values, woman.thenest.com

How Could Skinner’s Theory of Operant Conditioning Be Useful in the Workplace? woman.thenest.com

The Duties of a Science Coach, GlobalPost.com

Can a Job Be Too Fast-Paced? woman.thenest.com

Immigrants and Workplace Safety, GlobalPost.com


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