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Managing Editor at De Gruyter Open

At the beginning of 2013, I assumed a new role with a young publisher. Versita was a part of De Gruyter and Springer, and started an innovation in the area of academic publishing.

With its open access book program, it created opportunities for scholarly authors to publish their research which might not be accepted by other publishers for lack of a wider audience. Research-based manuscripts are often too specific to be of interest to ’normal‘ readers. Therefore, many publishers are increasingly reluctant to publish these manuscripts.

As Managing Editor, I am responsible for the Sociology program. My team which currently consists of  12 Associate Editors and 4 Assistant Editors is working with authors to create high quality proposals and bring an idea to paper. They also create structures and channels to successfully advertise the Sociology program to potential authors in the scientific community.

Because Versita was successfully running, it was acquired by De Gruyter, a well-known academic publisher with a distinguished history of over 200 years, and the new branch turned into De Gruyter Open.


Fur further information about open access publishing I recommend openscience.com, the official blog of De Gruyter Open.

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