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New Publication: Beate Zschaepe & Female Neo-Nazis

In June 2014 Emerald published Gendered Perspectives on Conflict and Violence, Part B, edited by Marcia Segal and Vasilikie Demos. My chapter „Not all Nazis are men: Women’s underestimated potential for violence in German Neo-Nazism. Continuation of the past or novel phenomenon?“ deals with women’s agency in national socialist crimes during the Hitler regime and …

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Jun 07

Professional Writer

As a professional writer, I publish articles about career-related issues, often from a gender perspective, on various websites, including chron.com or globalpost.com. Check out the first article about gender and workplace communication published here. Here is a list of all articles I’ve published so far: How Cultural Diversity Affects Women in the Workplace, chron.com (Houston …

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Apr 05

New Presentation in Oxford, UK

In July, I will be traveling to Oxford, UK in order to present my research on gendered infanticide to a selected panel of interdisciplinary researchers. 11th Global Conference of the Inter-Disciplinary Network Organization: Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths & Metaphors of Enduring Evil My presentation „Killing Parents: How Gender Turns Some into Monsters and Others …

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Mrz 02

Managing Editor at De Gruyter Open

At the beginning of 2013, I assumed a new role with a young publisher. Versita was a part of De Gruyter and Springer, and started an innovation in the area of academic publishing. With its open access book program, it created opportunities for scholarly authors to publish their research which might not be accepted by …

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Nov 18

New Article: A Sociologist’s Insights into Healthy and Stable Relationships & Marriages

The article which touches five delicate areas that every relationship/marriage is concerned with has been published. Thinking outside of the box in these 5 areas might actually really help you with your relationship/marriage. There is a reason why many people never make it past the 2nd year of relationship, why every second marriage ends in …

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Nov 18


My dissertation was published in August 2012 by Budrich publishers, a very well-known German publisher. A copy can be obtained via Amazon or from the publisher.

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Okt 08

Visiting Professor at DeVry University

Beside my assignment as lecturer at UC San Diego, one of the best universities world-wide, I have now assumed a new role as Visiting Professor at DeVry University. I will be teaching in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and I am very much looking forward to this challenge, especially because DeVry University is …

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Aug 07

Do Top-Notch Academics Need Coaching?

Why would academics need coaching? They are successful at what they do, aren’t they? Read the article here. Check out my latest article as well: A Special Challenge for Women: Dealing With a Job Loss

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Aug 04

Stanford Study: Coaching Improves Graduation Rates

Two scientists of Stanford University’s School of Education published the results of their study in which they compared the data of more than 13,500 BA students. They conclude that students who are coached and have a mentor also had a higher chance to finish their studies. “The results are clear: coaching had a clear impact …

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Jul 11


For the PCA/ACA 2012 Conference in Boston, to which I submitted an abstract, I was awarded the Peter Rollins Award. This award goes to young researchers and is endowed with $500.

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